Radicals and powers formulas

Power formulas:

1. Power definition:

power definition

2. Number in zero power:

a0 = 1 при условии, что a ≠ 0

3. Number in first power:

a1 = a

4. Negative power transformation:

negative power transformation
negative power transformation

5. Multiplication in power:

multiplication in power if the conditions that n - is integer or a and b are real numbers and even one of them is greater than zero are hold. By using the mathematical notation this statement can be written out like this: conditions of the power transformation

6. Multiplication with the same bases:

an · am = an + m

7. Power in power:

power in power

8. Division in power:

division in power

9. Division with the same bases:

division with the same bases

10. Relationship between powers and logarithms:

relationship between powers and logarithms

Radicals (roots) formulas:

1. Relationship between powers and radicals (roots):

relationship between powers and radicals
relationship between powers and radicals

2. Negative power:

number in zero power
number in zero power

3. Root from root:

root from root

4. Root from multiplication:

root from multiplication

5. Mutual reducement of the root and power exponents:

mutual reducement of the root and power exponents

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