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Welcome to our site. It aim is to help students to master some chapters of mathematics by solving typical tasks online.

The site has about 60 online calculators which can solve integrals, derivatives, limits, differential equations, plot functions, make diffent matrix transformations include addition, substraction, multiplication, transpose, power, find matrix determinant, rank, trace, inverse, upper triangle form, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, find solution of any power algebraic equations and systems of linear algebraic equations with step by step solution. Besides you can get tangent equation, find Taylor series, ect.

We develop our calculators many years, continiously enchance their power and quality. Now, we completely sure that our calculators give correct solutions to mathematical tasks. Every day we get gratitute for this project from our users. More than 1 000 000 tasks were solved with our online calculators.

Latest news:

Logarithmic equations calculator

09/09/19 Add new online logarithmic equations calculator.

Exponential equations calculator

06/09/19 Add new online exponential equations calculator.

Complete square calculator

19/07/19 Add new online complete square calculator.

Fourier series expansion calculator

26/06/19 Add new online fourier series calculator.

series convergence calculator

02/06/19 Add new online series convergence calculator.

trigonometric equations calculator

19/04/19 Add new online trigonometric equations calculator.

arc length of cartesian curve

02/04/19 Add new online arc length calculator of the cartesian curve.

function domain

12/07/18 Add new online function domain calculator.

solve slae by substitution method

15/05/18 Add new online system of linear equations solver by substitution method.

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Useful formulas:

detivative identities

Derivative identities There are many useful derivatives formulas on our site!

logarithm identities

Logarithm identities Almost all known logarithms formulas you can find on our site!

primitives table

Primitives table There are many useful integrals formulas on our site!

radical formulas

Radical formulas Formulas for exponent and radicals are presented!

trigonometric identities

Trigonometric identites Huge collection of trigonometric formulas! Some special and unusual trigonometric identities are presented.

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Calculators for your web site:

free calculators

Widgets with online calculators We offer to use our online calculators for your web site free of charge. Simple installation takes less the 5 minutes.

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Popular online calculators:

limits calculator

Limits online calculator Our online calculator handles many limits with step by step solution!

derivatives calculator

Derivatives online calculators Our derivatives online calculators allow to find simple, partial, implicit function and parametric function derivatives

series calculator

Series online calculator Our online calculator can perform Taylor series expansion of almost any even very complicated function.

partial fraction decomposition calculator

Partial fraction decomposition calculator The task of the rational fraction decomposition usually occurs when you trying to find indefinite integrals of rational functions.

inverse matrix calculator

Inverse matrix online calculator Our site can handle many linear algebra tasks such as: matrix rank, matrix determinant, characteristic polynomial.

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