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We are glad to welcome you on our website. This site contains online calculators for solving typical problems in mathematical analysis, linear algebra, elementary mathematics, etc.

The site contains more than 90 online calculators which can solve integrals, derivatives, limits, differential equations, plot functions, perform various operations on matrices including addition, substraction, multiplication, transpose, power, find matrix determinant, rank, trace, inverse, row reduced form, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, find solution of algebraic equations of any degree and systems of linear algebraic equations with step by step solution. Also on our site you can find the tangent equation, decompose the function into a Taylor series, and more.

We have been developing our calculators for several years, constantly improving their internal algorithms, and now we are fully confident that their step by step solution completely correct.

We are trusted by many people, every day we get thanks for this project. More than 1 000 000 tasks have been solved with our online calculators. Read all the advantages of our step-by-step solution.

Latest news:

07/04/24 Added new online rational equations calculator.

16/03/22 Added new online truth table calculator.

01/01/22 Added new online Maclaurin series calculator.

29/09/21 Added new online intercepts calculator.

16/07/21 We have a telegram bot. At the moment it capable to solve only simple problems. The bot's functionality will be expanded in future.

10/06/21 Added new online Cauchy problem solver.

25/05/21 Added new online equations solver by Newton's method.

12/04/21 Added new online polynomials division calculator.

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Free calculators for your web site:

Free calculators for your web site We offer to use our online calculators for your web site free of charge. Simple integration takes less than 5 minutes.


Useful formulas:

derivatives identities

Derivatives identities There are many useful fornulas for calculating derivatives on our site!

logarithms identities

Logarithms identities Almost all known formulas for working with logarithms!

primitives table

Primitives table There are many useful integrals formulas on our site!

radicals formulas

Radicals formulas Formulas for exponents and radicals are presented!

trigonometric identities

Trigonometric identites Huge collection of trigonometric formulas! Some special and unusual trigonometric identities are presented.

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Popular calculators:

limits calculator

Limits online calculator Our online calculator can handle many limits with step by step solution!

derivatives calculator

Derivatives online calculators Our derivatives online calculators allow to find simple, partial, implicit function and parametric function derivatives!

Series online calculator Our online calculator can find Taylor series expansion of almost any, even very complicated function.

partial fraction decomposition calculator

Partial fraction decomposition calculator The task of the rational fraction decomposition usually occurs when you trying to find indefinite integrals of rational functions.

Inverse matrix online calculator Our site can handle many linear algebra tasks such as: matrix rank, finding matrix determinant, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, ect.

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