Calculators of integral and its applications

This chapter contains online calculators to calculate the integrals of different types (indefinite, definite, improper, double and ect.), as well as calculators of applications of integral. Applications of the definite integral include, for example, the calculation of arc length of function, area between curves, volume of solid of revolution and ect.

Integral and its applications 7

Solve indefinite integrals Calculator is able to find indefinite integral of many different sub integral expressions with step by step solution.

Solve definite integrals Calculator finds definite integrals of many sub integral expressions using Newton-Leibniz formula. Step by step solution is also available.

Improper integrals solver NEW Calculator finds solution of improper integrals of first and second kind.

Solve double definite integrals Calculator finds double definite integrals by means of repeated integral.

Area between crossed curves Calculator finds the area between crossed curves, using definite integral.

Arc length of decart curve online calculator Calculator finds arc length of the given function, using definite integral.

Volume of solid of revolution NEW Calculator finds the volume of solid of revolution, given by equation.