Rational equation calculator

Rational are called the equations of the form:

Our calculator, based on Wolfram Alpha system solves rational equations of any complexity with step by step soltuion. To get started, you need to enter your equation into the calculator.

Rational equations solver
Given rational equation:2x1x73x4x1Find:x- ?

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As an example, consider solution of the rational equation:

Move the term to the left side of the equation:

Bring the resulting expression to a common denominator:

Group the terms:

Expand expression in the numerator:

Find similar terms in the numerator:

The resulting expression turns into a true equality when the numerator is zero and the demonimator is not zero:

Solve the system:

The solution is:

Thus, to solve rational equation it is necessary to bring all the term of the equation to a common denominator, then equate the numerator to zero, while the denominator, on the contrary, should not be zero (because you can't divide by zero). Those roots of the numerator that do not turn the denominator to zero will be the roots of the original equation.

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