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All sides of the square are equal to each other, and perimeter of the square is equal to the sum of length of all its sides.

figure of the square

Square perimeter can be found by using the formula:

P = 4a,

where P - is square perimeter, a - its side.

At the same time, as initial known parameter, the length of the square diagonal can be given. It this case, square perimeter is calculated by the formula:

P22d ,

where d - square diagonal.

The perimeter of the square can also be found if the area of the square is known:

P4S ,

where S - area of the square.

Finally, the perimeter of the square can be expressed in terms of inscribed circle radius:

P8r ,

where r - inscribed circle radius.

And also, in terms of circumscribed circle radius:

P42R ,

where R - circumscribed circle radius.

Our online calculator is able to find the perimeter of the square in terms of different initial data. Step by step solution is also provided.

Square perimeter calculator
Area of square is4Find square perimeter - ?

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