Advanced math input panel working rules


Analysing our web site visitors behaviour, we pointed out that the major difficulty of using the online calculators is to input mathematical expressions. According our research, user need to spend a lot of time and effort, to understand how to input the task into online calculator to get the correct answer.
To save your time and minimize the effort, we worked out the unique input panel (advanced input) for mathematical expressions. Now you need not to strain yourself to understant how to input your task into our online calculator, since the work with math input panel is very simple.

Working Rules:

Math input panel is the simple input keyboard as the one in the common calculator. To input any expression, one need to push on the corresponding keys with the left mouse button. It is important to understant that in case of using math input panel, the input from PC keyboard is imposible.

When you move the cursor to the corresponding key, the hint is poped up:
poped up hint
To move the cursor to the right or to the left use corresponding buttons:
left, right button to move

To clear the entire expression, use the button:
button to clear the entire expression

To delete one symbol, use the button:
button to delete one symbol

To input the numbers, use buttons with corresponding labels:
buttons to input the numbers

Choose expression input type:

Expression input type:

Math expression

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