Plot function online

To plot the function graph one need to input the function in input field separate one function from another by means of comma semicolon and push the "Plot" button. The variable of the function is always x.

To choose the graphic parameters (plotting intervals, grid, zoom) one need to use the corresponding buttons located below list of graphs field.

You can save graph as a picture in jped, bmp and png formats. To save the picture one should push the button with disc icon.

You can plot any of the following functions or their combinations: sin(x), cos(x), tg(x), ctg(x), arcsin(x), arccos(x), arctg(x), arcctg(x), ln(x), ex, sh(x), ch(x), th(x), cth(x), sqrt(x), abs(x). To write the power use "^" sign.

Input functions usign ; as separator:

Graph list:

X min X max
Y min Y max