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The problem of completing the square is to transform a second order degree polynomial as follows:


where p and q are unknows parameters to be determined.

To determine unknown parameters p and q, transform the equality above as follows:


and then, open the brackets:


To maintain the correct equality, equate the coefficients at the same degrees:


The first equation of the system is the correct identity for any values of a, so it can be excluded. From the second equation, find the parameter p and substitute the resulting expression into the third equation:


Simplify third equation and find the value of the parameter q:


Substitute values of parameters p and q into the first equation at the top of the page and get the formula for completing the square of second order degree polynomial:


The problem of completing the square often occurs when solving problems of rational functions integration. Moreover, by solving the problem of completing the square, one can obtain a formula for solving quadratic equations.

Our online calculator completes the square for second order degree polynomial with step by step solution.

Complete the square calculator
Complete the square for polynomial pxx22x45by using undefinite coefficient method
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