Vector product of vectors online calculator

Vector product of two vectors is the vector which satisfied following conditions:

Its magnitude is the product of magnitudes of the initial vectors and sine of the angle between them:

magnitude of the vector product

Its axis is perpendicular to the plane of the initial vectors:

features of the vector product

Its directed such as one would look from its the end the minimal rotation from vector vector A to the vector vector B is carried out counterclockwise (i.e. vectors а × b, vector A, vector B is right-hand triple).

direction of the vector product


Vector product shares the following features:


anticommutativity feature

Associativity, relative to scalar multiplier (α):

associativity feature of the vector product


distibutivity feature of the vector product

Vector product is calculated by the formula:

vector product calculation formula

Out online calculator is able to find vector product of two vectors with step by step solution for free.

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