Parabola vertex online calculator

Parabola is a function given by equation:

Its plot has the following look:

Parabola graph with branches directed up

Depending on the sign of the coefficient , branches of the parabola is directed up (if ) or down (if ).

In a school algebra course, the problem arises of finding the parabola vertex coordinates. They can be found by the formulas:

The vertex of the parabola is marked with an orange dot on the graph above.

Our online calculator finds the coordinates of the vertex of the parabola with step by step solution. To start, one need to enter the parabola equation and specify its variable. The parabola equation can be entered in different formats, and coefficients can be not only numbers or fractions but also the parameters. Push the "Examples" button, located on the calculator panel to inspect the various input formats.

Parabola vertex calculator
Find parabola's vertex coordinates:fxx22x7

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