Vectors addition online

Vectors addition can be accomplished in several different ways depending on vectors representation form. If vectors represented by coordinates, their sum is also the vector with coordinates which are the sum of corresponding coordinates of initial vectors. If vectors are in geometrical representation form, to find their sum one can use parallelogram rule, which shown on the picture below.

сложение векторов

Our calculator can find step by step solution for sum of vectors in coordinate form. As coordinates of vector one can use coordinates of initial and final points of vector. To find vectors sum one should choose dimension, representation form and input vectors coordinates. As coordinates of vector one can use not only numbers (1, 5 ect.) and fractions (1/2, 5/8, ect.), but also variables (x, y ect.)

Input vectors dimension

Vectors dimension
Vector vector A representations form:
Vector vector B representation form:
Vector vector A = { }
Vector vector A:
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Vector vector B: